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"Are you leaving a legacy or are you living your legacy?" Presentation Notes by Deb Bell

"We make a life by what we get; we make a living by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Research shows these statistics:

  • Australia has 6 million volunteers which equates to 35% of adult population
  • Volunteering is worth $45 billion to your Australian economy
  • In 2010, volunteering was worth $13.4 billion to the Queensland economy
  • 50% of volunteers give of their time because they believe they are helping others
  • In 2010, Queensland's volunteers worked hours equal to 299,000 jobs
  • 72% of Queenland's volunteers were females
  • 36% of Queenland's volunteers were aged between 55 and 64 years
  • Estimated number of volunteers in Australia doubled from 1995 to 2010

What are the demographics of your Rotary District, Rotary Group/Area and Rotary Club?

Denise Warner, Medical Receptionist in Brisbane

"Once you retire you get into volunteering because you miss involvement with people.

You're helping out and meeting new people. I don't play golf so I volunteer!"

Research from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Definition of volunteering is 'offering your services and/or skills for no monetary reward.'

Studies show that volunteering makes people feel happy which is good for the soul and heart.

The greatest increases in empathy, altruistic behaviour and mental health also saw the greatest

improvements in cardiovascular health.

There are only two types of people in the world; givers and takers - Rotarians are givers

The Four Gives

  1. Give - have a spirit of generosity
  2. Give In - be the first to be gracious
  3. Give Up - be forgiving
  4. Be Giving - be of service

The Law of Reciprocity

Give and you shall receive ten fold

Give without expecting anything in return

Give without hooks!