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Don't Just Stand There, Stand Out! by Deb Bell Assistant Governor Area 5

Rotary District 9930 New Zealand

10 Action Steps to being a Stand Out (Outstanding) Rotarian

  1. Wear your Rotary badge at all times - have a Rotary badge on every jacket
  2. Introduce yourself as a 'Rotarian' rather than your profession or vocation
  3. Ask yourself this question - "How may I be of service?"
  4. Participate 'get involved' - no ROMEOs (Rotary Old Men Eating Out)
  5. Find your passion in Rotary which provides energy to fuel living your legacy
  6. Strive to be seen not as the most visible but as the most capable!
  7. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave - however do something in the middle!
  8. Be part of the solution rather than the problem - otherwise you are the problem!
  9. People don't remember what you say or do - they remember how you make them feel!
  10. Volunteer with a 'Yes I can' attitude and smile as you give without hooks!

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